International Festival MULTIMEDIA-FEST "Multimedia in Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Literature, Music”

Organizer: St. Petersburg Union of designers

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Please note: participation in the festival is free!

Venue: «Lumiere Hall» in St. Petersburg (Quay of the Obvodny channel, 74D)

Date: 19 April 2020

About the festival:

Multimedia is the language of the new information century, combining the synthesis of graphics, audio, video and other means. Multimedia has become a vivid embodiment of the experience of the cultural system of our time. Multimedia is able to attract attention due to the bright presentation, as well as to interpret in a new reading of the great masters of painting, sculpture, architecture. Multimedia is a great way to focus on the right topic through motion graphics. Multimedia is actively used in the educational process and reveals new sides of its potential effectiveness.

Exchange of educational experience is an important goal of the festival, sharing cultural experiences, as in the installation video content, so in an extensive business program.

MULTIMEDIA-FEST -festival will show the skill level of students in the different institutions and will be useful for job applicants and potential employers. Leading teachers and design specialists will hold lectures and master classes, share experience in the creation and implementation of design projects and talk about innovations in the field of media technologies.

New forms of presentation, such as multimedia presentations and book trailers are able to attract the attention of the audience, especially young people to literary and artistic works. After viewing the informative media content of the videos, revealing the image of the work by means of motion graphics, there will be a great interest in the public to read new and classical literature, as well as to visit exhibitions and museum expositions. Popularization of both classical music and new music trends with the involvement of multimedia accompaniment to concerts is an important step towards the disclosure of the world of music for young people.

This festival is unique because it is the first time created by students and teachers for the purpose of showing the possibilities of multimedia to the general public as well as for the further use of media content in educational purposes.

Universities, schools of design participating in the festival will create multimedia content within the theme of the festival (no more than 5 presentations, demonstration time of 5-35 minutes from each institution).

The festival will include master classes by teachers and leading experts in the field of media design, as well as performances by famous teachers and designers of international level. The project is aimed at strengthening and developing international relations within the framework of professional design activities.

Projects that participate in the festival and have a high professional level, as well as meet the themes of the educational process in schools and specialized educational institutions, will be distributed as a recommended textbook. Projects that meet the theme of the partner museums of the festival can be used in the museum space.

Live broadcast of the festival on the internet will cover wide audience.

Taking into account the previous positive experience of the festival, this project is international and will expand the coverage of participants and conduct events for the exchange of professional experience.

The objectives of the festival:

  • Stimulating the interest and development of creative abilities of young people in the field of modern multimedia technologies.
  • Exchange of experience in creating multimedia projects. 
  • Promotion of creative and scientific achievements of young people and teachers.
  • Raising the level of society's culture.
  • Drawing attention to innovations in education.  
  • In the end of the festival: the creation of a multimedia center for conferences andmultimedia projects using the equipment involved in the festival.
  • Distribution of virtual exhibitions in educational institutions in order to use them aseducational and methodical material.
  • Creation and development of international professional relations for the purpose of professional exchange of experience.
  • Conducting master classes within the framework of the festival will increase theeducational level of students participating in the festival and visitors to this event.
  •  Using the experience gained and continuing to hold festivals on a regular basis withthe expansion of the theme and attracting new participants, like universities workingin the field of design and multimedia technologies.

Calendar plan of the festival:

  1. Application deadline for participation with the video project: 1 November 2019
  2. Deadline for delivery of the video: January 31, 2020
  3. Shortlisting: March 18, 2020
  4. Deadline for applications to participate in the business program, as well as the names of the topics and a brief summary of the lecture material and workshops until January 30, 2020.


The winners of the festival will receive valuable prizes from the organizers as well as personal invitations to cooperation/ internship in leading companies in Russia, Finland and Estonia (more information later) .


Each participant of the project will receive an electronic certificate of participation. Teachers, departments, universities, schools of design will receive a letter of thanks from the St. Petersburg Union of designers.


1. Saint-Petersburg Institute of Culture.
Department of computer design


2. Saint-Petersburg Institute of Cinema and TV
Department of computer TV, design and photography


3. Saint-Petersburg State University  

Department of art


4. Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design


 Moscow Stroganov State Academy of Art and Design



Organizing Committee:


Chairman of the organizing Committee:


Larisa Barutkina: PhD, Member of SPb Union of designers - section "Media design", associate Professor of Department of computer design SPb Institute of Culture, project Manager


Organizing Committee members:

Duzhnikov Sergey, Chairman of the Board of St. Petersburg Union of Designers


Natalia Juhta: is a Board Member of SPb Union of designers, Chairman of the section "Media design" SPb Union of designers, project coordinator


Polina Slutskaya: Member of the Board of SPb Union of designers, Creative Director of the St. Petersburg Union of designers, project coordinator


Ruslan Bazhenov: cg generalist "Solaris fx", lecturer computer design of Department SPb Institute of Culture, technical project Manager


Esa Lehtinen: KEC Consulting/ CEO, coach (Finland), coordinator of the project in Finland and Estonia


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