We are bidding farewell to the first international MULTIMEDIA FEST that was held in the
LUMIERE HALL creative space on 25 November, 2020.
It only took one day due to the pandemic restrictions, but it came out really impressive.

Students from eight best universities of Russia, Finland and Estonia presented their multimedia
projects devoted to various arts. The videos could be seen on multiple huge screens around a vast
space with chairs and beanbags for the public to relax and enjoy watching. All visitors, as well as
the Saint Petersburg Designers Union team who had organized the event, were wearing masks and
abiding by the 1,5 m distance rule.

The spacious hall of an old gas holder tower was plunging into darkness and deep sound. You could
escape from the reality focusing on bright lights and colors of the media plots magically appearing
and disappearing on the screens around you.


“I enjoyed the multimedia sequences, especially the ones with elaborate sound tracks”; “The space
allowed to immerse in the atmosphere. The “Master and Margarita” novel media presentation was
particularly impressive” - the visitors noted.
Although we could not afford any business program for the Festival this year, the young designers
appreciated the event as a great opportunity to exchange the experience:
“The exhibition was very spectacular, a must-visit event for all designers of Saint Petersburg. I
noticed some remarkable animation tricks as well as some creative solutions for static


“The festival had its special atmosphere and was very well organized. Some of the videos inspired
me as a designer for my future creative work”.

Now when the Festival is over, the next important step is beginning: around 20 young designers are
going to meet the companies that have engaged them for work or internship. We are going to
monitor their stories and take stock later.


“That was a really great event that got together the design-related faculties of Saint Petersburg
universities. I am sure the next year we will have even more ideas and creativity! We will be happy
to support it with our spaces and multimedia equipment to arrange more master classes, lectures and
fascinating content,” - says Evgeny Gudov, director of LUMIERE HALL.
So let us wish all the participants success and advancement in their creative work, and eagerness for
new skills and knowledge.


We are expressing our great thanks to the students, professors and management of the following
institutions for their support and participation:
  • Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM);
  • Saint Petersburg State University;
  • Lapin Yliopisto (University of Lapland);
  • Saint Petersburg State Institute of Culture;
  • Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts;
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television;
  • St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design;
  • Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University;

We are happy the MULTIMEDIA FEST 2020 has had so much success, but the most important
outcome is that the MULTIMEDIA FEST 2021 will definitely take place next year. We invite
everybody to participate! Announcements will be made in advance and we will do our best to make
it even more exciting.


The feedback that we have received confirms that the project is really demanded by both the
audience and the participants and partners who share our goals and dreams.
Thank you so much, dear friends!

The festival was curated by:
Natalia Yuhta, head of the Media Design section, Saint Petersburg Designers Union;
Polina Slutskaya, creative director, Saint Petersburg Designers Union;
Esa Lehtinen, KEC Consulting / CEO coach (Finland), the project coordinator in Finland and

English text by Svetlana Kriskevich

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